Employer Branding to Attract Gen ‘Z’

Well, each successive generation of employees differs from its predecessors as far as their needs, preferences, expectations from employers, thought process and working style are concerned. However, generation ‘z’ seems to have come from a different planet and differs from all its previous generations in more ways than we might think. And organizations have been facing really tough times in targeting and attracting this young generation.

We have heard about all amenities and facilities and perks and benefits that great places around the world offer their employees. But are they enough to attract this nascent generation? Yes and No. Yes because the budding generation expects their prospective employers to take care of their needs and provide with facilities that can make their lives easier and more comfortable. No because additional perks and benefits are not only what they look at. Rather, they look for a more holistic experience.

Well, you need not be a multi-billion dollar company to attract Gen ‘Z’. They are equally willing to work with start-ups and small businesses. You can implement below strategies on a modest budget to target this influential generation that is born in the digital age:

  1. Promote Collaboration and Co-Creation

    Gen ‘Z’ seems to hate following hierarchical setup at work. They don’t feel the need for the chain of command to make them work. Rather, they are passionate about what they love and go an extra mile to pursue their passion and complete the task at hand. Companies need to insist on collaboration with young minds and promote this culture, if they really want to future-proof their talent pool. It’s important that they start breaking down the silos and work in same space.

    Companies can rely on these youngsters for groundbreaking innovations. They know how to carve their own path, as they have watched economy failing, rules changing and instability in the job market. Though they look for opportunities to collaborate and co-create but at the same time they want to make good money.

  2. Technology is not an Amplifier

    For this generation, who is born and brought up in the digital world, technology is not an amplifier or a booster. It’s a part of their upbringing and identity. They are everywhere, possibly on all social platforms and know how to play with technology. So, make sure you’re telling stories across all these platforms and in an efficient manner. Since stories give a whole picture, don’t forget to reflect your awareness about and readiness to embrace new technology.

  3. Promote Group and Constant Learning

    The rapid change in technology is driving a change within the organizations at a speed faster than ever. This means employees constantly need to learn new thing and upgrade their existing skills. Moreover, the new generation wants to experiment with new things. It doesn’t want to restrict itself to a particular field or department.

    The culture of learning together on a regular basis will help in their personal development while enhancing their satisfaction level. It pushes them move past their fears and inhibitions and explore their hidden potentials. Moreover, group learning makes employees feel comfortable with each in sharing opinions, discussing issues and working together.

  4. Embrace Diversity

    Over the past few years when organizations have been focusing on millennials, it’s time for them to move on and begin with their employer branding campaign for the next generation, which is even more challenging. It’s multicultural and most diverse.

    Generation ‘Z’ is probably the most tolerant, embracing, open-minded and unorthodox and liberal of all generations. They are ready to embrace differences, be it of culture or caste, creed, religion, region, color, gender, sexual preferences or anything. When crafting an employer branding message, organizations must keep this in mind. Gen ‘Z’ looks for messaging more meaningful and real than those selling a perfect life.

  5. Don’t Sell Age-Old Dreams

    Generation ‘Z’ is a citizen of universe and thus, they are the least likely to restrict themselves to a geographical or country-specific area. You can’t really sell them a ‘European’ or an ‘American’ dream. They respond to limitless opportunities, entrepreneurial prospects, independence and self direction. Gen Zers are doers and believe in creating their own paths rather than expecting success the easier way. They are innovative thinkers, rule breakers and technologically-savvy and have their own aspirations. They don’t hesitate in challenging convention. Organizations must present themselves as the ones who empower Gen Zers to be their innovative selves.

  6. Listen. Recognize. Inspire

    Organizations know that the teens who are going to join the workforce soon want to be heard. But organizations also need to believe that these youngsters know what they’re talking about and thus, needs to inspire them. These people look at and navigate the world differently. So, rather than asking them to stick to the current trends, inspire them to make and popularize the new ones.

  7. Leverage the Black Sheep

    Yes, you heard it right. Brad Bird, the Oscar winning director of Pixar, in an interview with McKinsey Quarterly, said that he tapped the company’s most frustrated employees to make The Incredibles. He said that he wanted artists who were frustrated and were probably headed out the door. He gave them a chance to prove themselves and created this movie.

    The idea is to pick the non conformists and involve them into creating solutions that were never thought about. Of course, these employees don’t think usual and that’s why they are called the black sheep. But then they most probably come up with innovative ideas, if given a chance.

  8. Contribute to Community

    Gen ‘Z’, as said earlier, follows its own path. It looks forward to contribute to the community but not in a conventional way. Instead of joining NGOs, they want to create products, services and businesses that can bring difference in the world. They innovate new ways of serving the society. Therefore, to appeal to this generation, you, as an organization, must ensure that your mission and core message make a significant difference in the world.

Above are top eight commandments that you should follow, in order to target the young generation that’s just entering or soon going to enter the world of work. They make an important part of innovative, nonconformist and technology-savvy population of the business world. It would be better saying that they are the natives of digitized world.

Creating a pool of young talent not only promotes good health of your business but is necessary for your sustenance in the coming years. As they are going to take over much of the biz space, you need to prepare yourself in advance for their arrival. This generation is notoriously difficult to deal with. Therefore, your employer branding efforts must begin from now.

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