Dealing with Unacceptable Employee Behaviour

Not everyone knows how to behave at the workplace. There are some people who find it extremely difficult to reach office on time, concentrate on work and maintain the office decorum. Now, what do we do with such employees? Believe me, scolding them, criticizing them, abusing them will make situation even more worse. You need to deal with them tactfully. Never make them feel that they are unwanted within the organization.

Let us go through some tips which would help you deal with problematic employees and their irrational behaviour at workplace.

Never ignore them. Lend a sympathetic ear to their problems. Remember, there has to be a certain reason as to why an employee behaves in an unacceptable way. As a manager, it is your duty to find out the cause. If someone is coming late to work daily, find out whether he stays too far from the office or has some other problem. Believe me, the other person would feel happy to see your concern and try his/her level best to change.

Take action immediately. Do not wait for the right day to come. Sit with them, speak to them, discuss their problems and try to resolve the same as soon as possible. Problems left unattended only escalate. You have to be patient with them. They might not open up on the first attempt.

Some people don’t even realize that they are the problem creators and need to change. As a manager, it is your duty to make them realize that their behaviour is not at all ethical and they need to behave as a mature professional. Be polite with them. If you shout at them, they will not only become stubborn but also speak ill of you. Trust me; they will not even bother to listen to you. Throwing them out is not the only solution. Try if you can mould them and make them realize their own mistakes.

Grievances need to be addressed in private. Take the person into the conference room or meeting room and address the issue calmly. Do not allow anyone else apart from the individual concerned to be a part of the meeting. How would you feel if your problems are addressed in public? In fact no one likes it. Motivate them to get rid of their negative traits and qualities. Guide them in their day to day work. Let them know how a small change in their behaviour would create wonders for them. Nothing is more important than self realization. Set targets and link them with incentives, cash prizes, additional perks and so on. Encourage them to participate in various training programs willingly and not for the sake of marking attendance. Counselling is essential.

If the employee still does not behave in appropriate manner, ask him/her to find a new job. You need to make them realize as to why you do not need them in the system and how their behaviour is spoiling the work culture? In most cases, employees do change and start behaving sensibly. If you still do not find any change in him/her, please show the exit door immediately.

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