What is Brand Promise? - Mistakes to Avoid While Building it

Brand evokes the responses. There are many people who love their Apple iPod or love their car etc.

There are certain feelings that come to your mind when you think about your favorite brands. People expect that these brands should demonstrate brand promises every time whenever they are, encountered. Inconsistencies in the performance of services can lead to damage in further relations. This can cause a customer to select some other brand.

Brand promise is what you say to the customer and what is to be delivered. If you are not able to meet the expectations of the customer, your business will either flounder or die. If you are not able to deliver the brand promise you will not be able to meet the expectations that have been created in the customers mind.

There are three major mistakes that the business leaders make while executing and developing the brand promise:

  1. The first mistake is when you refuse to recognize the customer expectations that are created in customers mind before it comes in contact with that particular brand. The customers are very easily able to realize your brand promise by the business you are dealing with.

    For example, if you have a gourmet restaurant then the customers will have a image in their mind that it will different from the local restaurant. This is one of the major reason, why one should work for every smallest detail. For example, the image of a gourmet restaurant does not include plastic menus or paper placemats.

  2. The second major mistake is to implement a system which gives a negative experience to the customer. Business leaders work on creating efficient results for saving time and money. Human beings are self-centered creatures with a thought in their mind to save money and time for us.

    For example, a customers asks do you accept credit card? Do you accept all credit cards or only master card and visa? If you don’t accept these cards, does it make any difference in the cost? Its just that you are losing sales. Then what are the other services you are giving to the customer in place which is the attraction for the customers.

    Any small inconvenience which will force the customer to say that “you are not completely service oriented” and encourages the customer to some other brand.

  3. The third major mistake is that when you are not able to hire the best candidate. You easily hire anyone who applies and don’t even put some efforts to train them gives a really terrible experience to the customers. Brand promises are delivered by the staff.

    If your goal is to be a business leader you will invest time to train the staff. If you select a person who is very polite and does not even know how to dress up for an interview then you competition should send a thank you card for all the business you will send his way.

People who want to become the business leader understand they are a great product brands. They are authentic, dependable and reliable. Their icon is their name. Delivering the best of themselves is their brand promise. Do you want to become winner at working? Then, deliver the brand promise.

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