Benefits and Advantages of Self Learning for Students, Professionals, and Everyone

The Benefits of Self Learning

Self learning can be quite useful for those who do not have the time to enroll in formal courses and degrees as well as for those who cannot travel to a specific location to educate themselves.

In other words, self-learning is neither location constrained nor time-bound, and all that is needed is an access to a computer and a reliable internet connection to engage in self-learning. Indeed, the fact that self-learning can take place from the comfort of anywhere as well as the luxury of any time means that it is quite valuable for those who are location or time constrained.

This is the reason why self learning has become quite popular in recent years as can be seen from the success of the websites such as these,, which offer the learners the opportunity to engage in self learning at their own pace and at a place of their choosing.

This means that for both students and working professionals and just about everyone, sites such as this offer valuable opportunities to enrich their knowledge and to enhance their skills.

The Importance of Self Learning

Self learning is also important since any learning is effective only when such learning happens from within and not forced due to external circumstances.

In other words, self-learning is motivated by a desire from within which makes it useful for learners to actualize the drive and the necessary motivation from within so that such learning is enriching.

Apart from this, the luxury of learning at one’s own pace and at a time of choosing means that learners can pick up from where they left off in addition to learning from any device or location that makes such learning a leisurely experience.

In times when everybody is pressed for time, and formal education comes with its own time constraints, self-learning ensures that one is not under any pressure whatsoever to push oneself. In addition, learners from anywhere in the world and everywhere in the world can access self-learning portals such as this to learn anytime and every time.

This makes self learning worthwhile and convenient apart from making it affordable. Indeed, the fact that self-learning is relatively cheaper when compared to formal degrees and formal institutionalized learning means that it is also an affordable way of learning that ensures much time and cost savings for the learners.

The Best Education Happens Outside the Classroom

As Mark Twain once remarked, The Best Education Happens outside the Classroom which means that self learning that takes place outside the formal channels can be both informative as well as educational. To explain, self-learning ensures that learners learn outside the formal systems thereby giving them more flexibility and freedom to explore new avenues of learning.

Further, the fact that self learning is technologically enabled means that educational methods that are not usually the methods in classroom-based teaching can be made available to the learners thereby enhancing the value of such learning.

More importantly, any technologically enabled learning is always effective since technology is a great tool to spread information and knowledge given its flexibility and freedom as well as the benefits of enhanced graphics presentations and the superlative design that comes with the use of advanced technology-enabled learning.

The Example of

Let us now turn to the example of this site,, that uses technology-assisted learning. As can be seen from the navigation options and the menu choices, this site provides an easy method of choosing which module or course to learn and start with.

Also, one can always go back and forth between the modules as well as between the various courses which means that picking off from where one has left becomes easier as well as returning to different modules at one’s convenience.

Indeed, when one contrasts this with formal education where one has to necessarily attend the classes or miss out, the obvious benefits of self-learning through sites such as this becomes apparent.

Moreover, the fact that one can also choose which courses to study means that one also has the flexibility of going back and forth as well as choose from several options wherein the freedom to select the courses is an obvious advantage.

Indeed, when one contrasts this with formal education wherein one has to select the courses that are offered rather than choose one’s course of liking means that self-learning is indeed that much more beneficial to those who want to pursue such channels.

The Usefulness of Self Learning

Above all, self learning is quite useful to working professionals who might want to brush up their concepts and knowledge about courses that they studied a long time ago in college. Apart from this, self-learning is also useful to those who want to refresh their knowledge as well as go back to the basics which mean that it becomes quite useful to those who are returning to the educational systems.

In addition, self-learning does not automatically assume that the learner is already aware of the basics and hence, for those who are starting out or want to go back to the basics, it can be quite beneficial.

Lastly, self-learning does not come with the benefit of using advanced technology an enabled learning tool which means that it can be a great leveler for those who cannot otherwise afford such tools nor have access to such methods in their formal education.

To conclude, self-learning is the future of learning, and hence, pioneers such as have been at the forefront of the revolution in education.

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