Advertisements and Public Relations

Advertising and public relations are two different industries altogether.

Let us carefully examine the difference between advertisements and public relations:

Organizations need to pay for every single advertisement aired on television/radio. Organizations need to buy space/slots in various newspapers, TV Channels, Radio Channels to advertise about their organization/product/service.

Public relations experts strive hard to gain publicity for their organization without spending much. Public relations experts organize various events, functions, shows, give interviews to media people in order to create awareness about their organization and its products and services among stakeholders, investors, partners, and target audience. Organizations even hire celebrities or famous personalities who are popular among the crowd to enhance their reputation.

Organizations have to pay for every advertisement and thus have a control over its content. The creative team of every organization has a full control of what goes into the advertisement. This however does not happen in case of public relations. As a public relations expert, you might give an impressive interview highlighting the USPs of your organization’s products and services, but it entirely depends on media people whether they telecast the complete interview or not. They have no obligation towards you and your organization.

Advertisements generally have a longer shelf life as compared to press release.A magazine can’t publish your interview or article daily or three or four times in a row whereas consumers can view advertisements several times in a day. They can recall a product immediately when they see the advertisement. People can relate more with the advertisements as compared to newsletters, press releases, video releases and so on. Advertisements make a product as well as organization popular among the end-users.

Public relations experts need to be extremely creative and always on their toes. They must master the art of putting thoughts into meaningful words which create desired impact in the minds of potential customers.

Public relations experts are the face of an organization and it is really essential for them to be prepared to face several questions from the media, stakeholders and end-users with a smile. Remember as a public relations expert you need to meet several people in a single day and you just can’t complain. The exposure is more in case of public relations than in advertising.

Public relations is more cost effective as compared to advertisements. Organizations need to shell out handsome money for a simple advertisement on billboard or for an advertisement aired during prime slots. You have to pay irrespective of whether your advertisement gets noticed or not.

Public relations methods are more cost effective as compared to advertising. Public relations activities, if planned carefully go a long way in creating a buzz among potential customers. Plan out an event where you have the chance of addressing a large gathering.

This way a public relations expert gets a better opportunity to directly interact with the potential customers and promote his products/services. You reach to a wider audience in much lesser costs in public relations as compared to a television or radio advertisement. Smaller organizations thus largely depend on public relations activities for maintaining and enhancing the reputation.

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