Tips for a Professional for a Better Employee Relationship

For an organization to perform well, it is essential that the employees share a warm and a healthy relationship among themselves. They must be comfortable with each other for them to enjoy their work and deliver their level best. Disputes and disagreements only lead to stress and nothing productive comes out of it.

Let us go through some handy tips for a professional for a healthy employee relationship:

  • The first and the foremost mantra for a healthy employee relationship is effective communication. A professional must communicate effectively by carefully putting his thoughts into relevant words to avoid confusions and better understanding at the workplace. One should never play with words or speak something which might make the other person feel awkward or out of place.

    One’s communication has to be crisp and precise to create an impression. There should be transparency in speech at all levels for a healthy relationship. Pass on the information as it is.Never manipulate the truth. Communication is an art.No individual is born with effective communication skills; it comes in due course of time with practice.

  • Professionals must depend more on written modes of communication than verbal as it is more reliable and one can’t back out later. An email is nothing but a reflection of one’s thoughts and should be self explanatory for the others to respond accordingly. Take care of the style and font of the mail. One needs to be very careful about the subject line as the other person opens the mail only when the subject line is impressive and relevant.

    The mail should be marked to all the employees who should be a part of the communication with a cc to the team leader for him to be aware of what is happening in his team. Don’t send mails separately to individuals as it might create a confusion and eventually a friction among employees.

  • One should never adopt a casual attitude at work. Be professional in your approach. Learn to be disciplined. A professional must abide by the policies of the organization for better relations and peace at work.

    An individual should not take frequent leaves to ensure timely submission of work. Don’t unnecessarily ask for favours from your team members. For a better relationship with the fellow workers, one should not interfere in each other’s work. No one would appreciate if you peep into your colleague’s computer screen or open something not meant for you.

    One should be more concerned with his own work rather than bothering about others. Your organization pays you for your hard work so one should not waste his time in criticizing or making fun of others. How would you feel if someone unnecessarily pulls you into a controversy? You would never feel like talking to him. Avoid playing blame game at work. Learn to own your responsibilities else you would be left all alone in the office. Backstabbing should be avoided as it is considered highly unprofessional and spoils the relationship among the employees.

  • Don’t walk into meetings empty handed. Carry a notepad along with you to jot down the important points for future reference. An individual can’t remember each and everything thus it is always advisable to write down somewhere to avoid forgetting things later and earn the criticism of others.

    Develop the habit of carrying a planner to mark the important dates. The agenda and the minutes of the meeting must be circulated among all so that everyone gets a common picture and nobody feels neglected.

  • It is essential to maintain the decorum of the office. Remember you are not sitting at your home where you can shout on anyone. Be polite to everyone irrespective of his designation and level in the hierarchy.

    Never use foul words or abusive language against anyone as it lead to severe disputes among employees. If you do not agree to someone, it is better to sit with him and discuss rather than arguing and spoiling your relationship. A professional must avoid gossiping and spreading unnecessary rumours at work.

    Helping Attitude

  • Employees must help each other at work for a better relationship. One should avoid being jealous and selfish at work. If someone has done well, do appreciate him. Lend a sympathetic ear to your fellow workers if they are in trouble. Be a little more adjusting. Things can’t always be the same as you want, compromise sometimes to your best extent possible.

    Don’t just rush to your desk and start working the moment you step into your office. Greet others with a warm smile. Take your lunch with your team members and do go out once in a while to increase the comfort level. Celebrate festivals at the workplace where each and every employee can come together and enjoy. Don’t forget to wish your colleague on his birthday. Bring a nice gift for him as well.

  • One should intervene immediately in case of conflicts and arguments. Don’t tend to ignore things. One needs to be loyal towards his organization to be in the good books of the management as well as to grow professionally. Never misguide anyone. If you are not aware of something, it is better to stay out of it than misleading the other person.

  • Last but not the least one should always have a positive attitude at work. Try to be friendly with your colleagues and don’t always find faults in them. Don’t assume that your colleagues would always harm you. One should always look at the positive side of the things to avoid stress and maintain a cordial relationship with everyone at work.

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